Cadent wineCellar Screencasts

Here are a set of screencasts describing how to use wineCellar.  They show the Mac version as that is the system our screencast software resides on.  However, the Windows version works exactly the same way so these screencasts are fully applicable to the Windows version of wineCellar.

iPad wineCellar (9:07)

iPad wineCellar (9:07)

Overview of Cadent iPad wineCellar

iPhone wineCellar (11:18)

iPhone wineCellar (11:18)

Overview of Cadent iPhone wineCellar

wineCellar 2.0: Sync Overview (13:22)

wineCellar 2.0: Sync Overview (13:22)

Overview of the Sync to Cloud feature introduced in 2.0.

wineCellar Overview (10:12)

Overview of the wineCellar Application

wineCellar: Adding Wines (10:06)

Covers how to add wines to wineCellar

wineCellar: Change/Delete Wines (4:18)

Covers how to Change or Delete wines

wineCellar: Filters (5:16)

Covers Filters in wineCellar

wineCellar: Searching (4:32)

Covers using the search field in wineCellar

wineCellar: Browsing Wines (9:55)

Covers browsing wines in wineCellar

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