Cadent Known Bug List

Release 2.11

Here are the known bugs in the 2.11 release. 

Both Mac and Windows:

  • Leaving a wine dialog open during Cloud syncing will trigger a crash if the corresponding wine is deleted due to sync.

Mac Only:

  • Under 10.4 (Tiger) Only: When you launch wineCellar, the horizontal scrollbar on the List tab will not be present.  You can get it to appear by doing something which updates the wine list (e.g. click on a selector or filter) or just start to resize the window.  Once the scrollbar appears it will be present for the remainder of the time you are running the application.
  • The list on the list tab does not automatically scroll to the top of the list when you change selectors.  This could leave you looking at what appears to be a blank list.  Using the vertical scrollbar will allow you to scroll up to where there are some wine entries.
  • The library used to build the graph on the graph tab does not support horizontal scrolling via a Mighty Mouse or track pad supporting two finger scrolling.  We hope to work with the library owner's to address this for a future release.

Windows Only:

  • List columns to not indicate which one we are currently sorted on.
  • Select multiple selectors, deselect one, then select it again.  This re-selecting will have no effect.
  • Status line goes blank when you access the main menus at the top of the window and does not get redrawn until you access a filter or the search field.
  • With regards to the "zoom" and "stretch" submenus (under "View"), there is no flag indicating which setting is active.  This is a known bug of the graphic library we are using.
  • A small blank zone can appear over the Thumbnail tab when the graphics tab is not present.  This does not affect operation and is only cosmetic in nature.

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