Cadent wineCellar FAQ

Release 2.x Specific Items

The "Sync" button is ghosted out.  Why?

You have not created an account yet.  Look under the "File" menu for "Create Account".

The "Create Account" menu items is ghosted out.  Why?

Either you have created an account already (is the "Sync" button un-ghosted?) or you are running the 30-day trial.  The 30-day trial does not give you access to Cadent Cloud.

When I try to create an account, it is not bringing up the "Create Account" panel but a "Login Panel".  Why?

If your license code has been used to create an account in the cloud, you have to attach your wineCellar application to that account.  Cloud accounts and license codes are bound to each other in a one-to-one relationship.

How can I attach the desktop version to a Cadent Cloud account created with the iPhone version?

If you create an account in the Cadent Cloud with the iPhone version of Cadent wineCellar, you can "attach" the desktop version to that account by doing the following

- Choose "Create Account" under the File menu of desktop wineCellar.

- When the create account dialog comes up, enter the username and password the same as the accont you created with the iPhone version.  You will have to repeat the password in the "Repeat" field.

Clicking "ok" will effectively attach your desktop version to the existing account thereby increasing the limit to the number of wines you can sync from 200 to 500.

Release 1.x and 2.x Items

I own over 100 bottles of wine, but the number on the Wine Cellar node in the graph tab shows less than 100 wines.  Why is this?

The numbers on the graph tab are the number of wine entries under each of the groups and not the number of bottles.  If you have multiple bottles of wine for a given wine entry, they will not be counted in the group.

On the graph tab, a group has 10 wines in brackets, but is only showing 3 wines below it.  Why?

Check if there are filters active or if the search field is active (look at the status bar at the bottom and make sure it says "Filters: none").  The numbers in brackets indicate the total number of wines in that group and does not take into account filters or searches.

I've been adding wines and they disappear.  Even after exiting and re-entering the app, they are not there.  Have they been lost?

Just like the last FAQ, check if filters are active or if there is something in the search field.  Both of these items get saved when you exit the product and will be still be active on re-entry.  If new wine entries do not conform to the filter or search field, they will disappear when saved.  Removing the filter(s) or clearing the search field will bring all the wines back.  Be sure to click on the "All" selector to ensure you are seeing everything once the filter/search field is cleared.

The graph tab is confusing me.  Do I have to use it?

No, wineCellar works perfectly fine using just the list and/or thumbnail tabs.  However, we feel that the graph tab represents a unique and powerful way to explore your wine database.  Occasionally take the time to use the graph tab and we feel it will grow on you.

Can I change a wine label image once one is set?

Yes.  Just drag a new image file to the wine label field and it will be replaced.

I click on the wine label field when viewing a wine's entry window and nothing happens.  Why?

The wine label field is view-only.  You can drag images to this field to set it, but clicking on it does not give you a bigger image.  These images get copied to the database and storing full-sized images would use up a lot of disk space as well as impact wineCellar performance.  We only store an image the size of the wine label field.

Can I change the size of the thumbnail (like in iPhoto)?

No, not at this time.

There is no preference pane.  Why?

We wanted wineCellar to be as simple to use as possible.  At this time, we did not see a need for preferences.  That may change in a future release.

What things are saved when I exit the product (i.e. window position)?

When you exit wineCellar, the following are saved: window position and size, what tab you were on, what filters are set, what search string is active (if any), what size the selector pane is, zoom/stretch settings, and what database is open.  All of these setting are returned when you next launch the application.

Under the view menu, I found two settings: Zoom and Stretch.  What do these do?

These two setting only affect the graph tab.  Zoom, as the name implies, lets you zoom in and out of the graph (useful for the visually impaired).  The Stretch setting extends or shrinks the distance between the levels in the graph (may clean up messy graphs).

How many databases can I open?

Cadent wineCellar only lets you open one database at a time.  You can create as many databases as you want.

I never get a horizontal scrollbar on the thumbnail tab.  Why?

The thumbnail tab was designed to reorder the thumbnails to fit available horizontal space.  As such, you don't need a horizontal scrollbar.

I never seem to get a horizontal scrollbar on the list in the list tab. Why?

There is a known issue in 10.4 (Tiger) for this.  See the Known Bugs page for a description and workaround.

When editing a Helper list, I press save but the change I made does not seem to be there?

When you edit an entry, you must press return to complete the editing before you press the "save" button.

On a Mac, when I am in an editing Helper pane and press the "add" button, nothing seems to happen?

The add button on the Mac adds the new entry to the end of the list (Windows adds it to the beginning).  If the list is long enough that you cannot see the end of the list, you won't see the new blank entry.  Scroll to the bottom and double-click the last, blank line.

I see the button for adding a wine, but there is no delete button.  How do I delete?

Check out the screencast on changing/deleting wines.  You just need to highlight a wine on the list or thumbnail tab and press the delete key.

I can use Mighty Mouse or track pad to do horizontal scrolling on the list tab, but not the graph tab.  Why?

This is a known issue with the wxWidgets library (used to build the the graph).  When the issue is fixed in that library, we will update wineCellar.

Can I shift-click to select multiple items on the selector panes?

Yes, but please be careful.  If you shift-click to select multiple items in the same group, that is ok.  Selecting across many groups can be dangerous as there are some conditions where wineCellar could become unresponsive.

How safe is my database if my system were to crash (or the power fails) while I am using wineCellar?

Cadent wineCellar only accesses the database at launch time and when wines are changed or deleted.  It does not access the database when you are browsing the wines.  This approach reduces window of opportunity for the database to get corrupted.  As such, the chances of your database getting corrupted is very slim.

Can I transfer wine data from other databases?

We have not implemented any "translators" from other databases at this time.  If there is enough requests for specific translators, we will consider them.

I'm a Sommelier, would wineCellar be useful for me?

Yes.  You can use Cadent wineCellar to keep track of your restaurant's wine inventory and to plan when the wines will be rolled into the wine list based on the drink dates you set.  You can also flag wines you need to get more of from the distributor using the "To Buy" status setting.

I have a catalog of over 1000 wines I would like to provide to my customers.  Could wineCellar be used for this?

Yes, most certainly.  Cadent wineCellar's powerful browsing features would make it the perfect choice to give your customers an easy way to work with your catalog.  Contact us for bulk licensing in supporting catalog distribution.

Will there be an iPhone version?


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