Cadent iPhone/iPad wineCellar FAQ

When I first launch wineCellar, there are no entries under the various selectors.  Why?

They selectors show you what countries, varietals, etc, you have wines for.  When there are no wines entered yet, these selectors won't show anything.

The "Sync" button is ghosted out.  Why?

One of two reasons: 1- You do not have access to the internet (or the Cadent Cloud is down), or 2- You have not set up your Cadent Cloud account yet.  Go to the info pane and see if the "Create Account" and "Existing Account" buttons are ghosted out.  If they are not, you have not set up your account.

On the info pane, the "Existing Account" and "Create Account" buttons are ghosted out.  Why?

This means you have an account set up already.  If you don't want to use the current account anymore, use the "Detach" button.

On the info pane, the "Detach" button is ghosted out.  Why?

This indicates you do not have an account set up yet.

Is there a way to add new items to the various field list (i.e. list of counties)?

Yes, when editing one of these fields, tap the text field above the list.  That will pop up a keyboard which allows you to type in a new entry.  When you press the "save" button, that item will be added to the list for future use.  Note: not all fields can have new items added.  For example, the "Status" field is a fixed set you cannot change.

I tap the text field to add a new item to that field's list but nothing happens.  Why?

That field is fixed and won't allow new items to be added.

Can I delete items from a field's list?

No, not at this time.

Why do I always have to add a "Display Name"?

In database terms, the Display Name is a "primary key".  That means that each entry must have a unique Display Name and it cannot be blank.

Beyond the Display Name, what other fields are mandatory when adding a new wine?

Only the Display Name is mandatory (cannot be blank) and must be unique.

When I am adding a new wine and press the label field to add a photo, it warns me about a blank primary key.  What is that about?

This is a strange bug in the way this screen works.  If you have not set a Display Name first and try to add a photo, it may complain thinking you are trying to add a wine without a Display Name,  Just ignore this warning as it won't interfere with what you are doing.

While syncing, I find I can still access the wines.  Is this a dangerous thing to do while syncing is going on?

In theory, no.  However, we highly recommend you do not add or change wines while syncing.  This may be ok, but could confuse the syncing system.

Unlike the desktop version, the iPhone version does not seem to stop me from adding more than 200 wines.  Why?

The iPhone version does not have some of the same restrictions as the desktop.  However, you are still limited by the memory on the iPhone/iPod touch as well as the speed of the processor and flash memory.  If you add too many wines, you may find the app very unresponsive.  This is a limitation of iPhone architecture and something we cannot address.

I've added more than 200 wines, how does this affect syncing?

If you try to sync more than 200 wines, the system will sync until you hit 200 wines then it will stop and won't allow any more wines to sync.  You need to either delete wines or mark wines to not be synced.

I own the desktop version and have more than 200 wines in the Cloud.  Can all of them sync to the iPhone?

Yes.  The iPhone will be able to sync up to 500 wines when you buy the desktop version.

How can I attach the desktop version to a Cadent Cloud account created with the iPhone version?

If you create an account in the Cadent Cloud with the iPhone version of Cadent wineCellar, you can "attach" the desktop version to that account by doing the following

- Choose "Create Account" under the File menu of desktop wineCellar.

- When the create account dialog comes up, enter the username and password the same as the accont you created with the iPhone version.  You will have to repeat the password in the "Repeat" field.

Clicking "ok" will effectively attach your desktop version to the existing account thereby increasing the limit to the number of wines you can sync from 200 to 500.

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