wineCellar 2.16 Released (Mac & Windows)

Cadent wineCellar for both Mac and Windows has been updated to version 2.16. 

The following enhancements have been made:

  • A Preference pane has been added.  It currently only has the controls for List Tab management.
  • The Preference pane allows your to controls the layout of the list on the List Tab.  You can alter the order of the columns as well as hide columns you do not want to see.
  • The Print Columns option has been removed from the View menu.  The columns being displayed on the List Tab are what get printed.
  • The Preference settings for the List Tab are persistent and loaded each time wineCellar is launched.  The width of the columns is also stored.  Note: the sort order is not stored due to a graphics issue we are still looking into.

The following bugs have been addressed in this release:

  • Double-clicking a group node on the Graph Tab was triggering a crash when it should be showing a list of displayed wines under that node.  This has been fixed.

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